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What systems are supported?

Read “Supported Devices”

“Safari can not download this file”

Do you get this error message when you press “Download”?
Download the file on the Mac you want to control, not on your iOS device. Spot Remote does not control Spotify on other iOS-devices, due to technical constraints of the Apple platform (called sandboxing)

App is stuck at “Searching for computers”

There can be several reasons for this. Here is a checklist:

  • Have you downloaded and installed the server? (Link)
  • Have you started the server from Applications?
    • Look for the Spot Remote icon in your topbar, next to the time and battery
  • Is your system supported?
    • Mac OS X (10.7 or later)
  • Is your iOS device and computer connected to the same wireless network?
    • Make sure none of your devices are connected to a “guest” network
    • Make sure your network allows computers to talk to each other, some enterprise and school campus networks does not allow this.
  • Is your firewall blocking “Spot Remote Server”?
    • Check System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall > Advanced
  • If all fails, try rebooting your iDevice, your computer¬†and your router to clear cache

Nothing happens when I select a track and/or Now Playing is black

Open Finder on your computer and search for “Spotify.app”. Remove ALL other instances other then the one in /Applications. There should only be one copy of Spotify.app on your computer. Restart Spotify and Spot Remote Server. Note: Spotify.app should be in the root /Applications folder, and not in any other place like /Users/<your username>/Applications/

Playlists requires Spotify Premium

To access playlists in Spot Remote, you need Spotify Premium. This is the way Spotify works. Everything else in the app works with free accounts, like playback control and search